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On the Internet, I saw a lot of recharging recharging posts on the mobile phone. It was not perfect, but it was not perfect. Not opening the rear cover with a power line is MINI USB. My mobile phone has a large capacity battery and a thick back cover with BM30 3120mAh, and the wireless charger is only fixed at home and so on. For example, if you go out with a qi wireless charging kit, it will be more troublesome. MINI USB will be occupied and share other chargers.

See some Samsung phones like NOKIA reserved for the expansion of charging contacts, millet is not, we will add one. First of all, you have to have basic electrical maintenance basis before changing, such as using multimeter, electric iron and some knowledge about voltage and current. Moreover, it is necessary to have excellent micro welding skills, otherwise it can not be realized, and the psychological quality of mobile phone bricks must be done well. Before breaking up the machine, 50 watts of sharp electric soldering iron, multimeter (no need to have much function, energy and voltage), a small piece of copper skin, a common earphone line (mainly to use the inner multi core lacquer line, this is relatively soft, fine, quality, and the easiest to find, and the headphones used before the phone is broken. ” You can use it. A thin circuit board with large contacts will be noticed by you, and a lot of PCB can be done.

A PVC sticker is the lettering sticker, considering its good viscosity, soft and thin features, stronger than electrical tape. Finally, an online purchase of QI standard 1000 mA output 00 kit, in the network to find a lot of, most of the output of 500mA, the millet phone and a lot of Samsung mobile, line charge is 1000mA, with other 500mA charger did not respond, so 500mA does not consider.

1、take out the battery, SIM card, with the 1.4mm cross screwdriver, relatively good search point, before the dismantling to think again, dismantling can not be guaranteed, when the unloaded screws should remember, four corners of the small screws are slightly larger than the other, so remember the position, where to unload from where to install.

2、open the rear cover, there are four rubber seals in this, the three are the volume, and the power switch, one is next to the contact, remember the position, or do not know where a few small pads in the time of loading.

3、and the most important step, when you find the MINI USB interface pin solder, please make a second consideration according to the microscopic world you see, and now stop the urgent, the integrated circuit is not a manual challenge (if the welding error, the lightest is the USB port can not be identified data).

In this step, first to find the USB pin, on the Internet looks like the two ends of the positive and negative pole power leads to the foot, and finally verifying the use of the multimeter, when the verification is to plug the charger, or not, it is the input. Remove the rubber products near the welding point. Here are two, one is the mobile phone microphone, the other is the USB sealing rubber. When welding, clean and fine the iron tips should not be oxidized. The temperature should be in place, and the enameled wires need to be welded in advance. Note: line head, iron head and so on can not have a little excess solder, the ball point pen point is not the size of the Pearl point, second is fast and stable, the two hands on the table, tweezers and soldering iron should be pinched closer to the welding point, the more stable, all the activities are finished by the finger, so it is necessary to have a short head. Hold your breath, once in place.

This step is the test of the function of the time, when you practice the next few times when you feel that no problem, hold your breath under the desk lamp, hands almost catch the iron heating rod, or shake and shake. It was about half an hour. I failed several times. I finally welded and worried that the heat of the iron was roasted around the circuit board and did not break the other components. It can not be heated to touch feet, otherwise the plastic filler in the USB interface will be hailed. After the welding is completed, it is easy to install it, verify the success of the welding, install the battery, start the machine, plug in the charge, measure the voltage 4.9V; connect to the computer to see if it can be identified… This step I am sad to urge, the computer can not recognize the USB mouth, and failed, using the resistance gear of the multimeter to measure separately, found that the positive pole and the second short between the foot. Dismantling careful observation, needed to the magnifying glass, looking for half a day no famous hall, so I use a single blade blade between the two feet scraped between the feet, short circuit, USB was identified. So a little excess solder can not appear in the welding, and the short circuit can not be seen, and it is difficult to handle. Once the small copper wire on the plate is broken or piled by a soldering tin, the consequence… At this time, you have completed 80%.

4、 the enameled wire in the internal fixed, with instant paste, in order to avoid problems, one from the mobile phone string mouth out, the Internet some people from the antenna contact holes, I do not agree, it is estimated to affect the cell phone signal. Install all rubber mats and gaskets, cover the rear cover, and screw them in place. In the end of the line of welding two copper skin contact, area as small as possible, with double-sided glue on the bottom of the mobile phone position, on top of a PVC sticker, with a blade carved out of two holes, looks is not perfect ah. The transformation of the main part of the mobile phone has been completed.

5、 to the back of the processing, first look for a thin circuit board, the redundant part of the cut, engraved two face, welding spring contact, I used the seller to send small contacts, and can also make small pieces of small pieces, many of the circuit board, the pieces are relatively space. The output line of the wireless receiving patch is welded to the contact circuit board, and the double-sided adhesive tape is placed in the corresponding position. Put the rear cover on the charging board, then measure the primary voltage, verify the positive and negative pole. The rear cover is closed, and the work will be completed. The receiving part has a IC part, or a little thick, and the back cover is slightly drumming. It is suggested that you purchase separate chips later, and you can draw them separately and find empty positions. Charging and heating conditions, 3120mAh battery original line charge needs 4 hours, using wireless components to charge 5 hours, heating phenomenon, the main heat source is the charging board and battery, should be normal.

In fact, this modification does not make any changes to the mainframe. It only adds a lead off line, and does not change the size of the volume. It can continue to install thin batteries and other rear covers, and can also install wireless charging pad components for thin battery cover. In order to make the retrofit mobile phone have more charging compatibility, empty MINI USB port, even without charger, can also use other normal. All the fixed parts of the inside used double glue, I started to use 3 seconds glue, later found not necessary, double-sided adhesive can be rectify, 3 seconds glued on it is not so easy down.

The location of the contact is like the antenna component of the mobile phone, which is attached to the mobile phone. It is estimated to have an impact on the cell phone signal (especially the grounding contact, the shielding effect on the signal). At present, it is only shown that the signal is weak on the signal lattice, and the actual call and data seem to have not been affected. If you need to change it, you can post it to everyone. You can try children’s shoes with strong hands-on ability. Although it does not seem to be particularly important, we should save the USB’s number of inserting times to prolong life, or to show the display function, to satisfy vanity! I’m afraid you can’t understand it. Tell you more about it.

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